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I writing this in regards to the feelings I have had about zip files lately. Here's the deal.

When I first began screencapping, I did zips only. When I did that, I got a lot of nasty emails from people complaining from everything to the fact that they didn't have the software to open zips to them saying they wanted galleries because they didn't want to download all the images to their computer and overload it. That is what made me start doing the galleries. Now, I am getting the exact opposite.

I stopped zipping stuff mainly because people were stealing caps. It's a LOT easier to download a zip and steal them all in a big batch than go and get them all from a gallery. If you don't believe me, trust me, it happens. Everyone out there that caps knows about this. It's a real pain when you work your butt off to get all the media, host the site, cap the media, and post it, only to have people swipe your stuff.

Recently, I looked into password protecting my zip files and offering them that way. I can tell you that the only one that ever really got any attention was the BluRay zip file of Black Swan caps. I know this very well because I have different passwords for literally everything and recall how many times I have had to provide specific passwords.

Another issue is that when I cap stuff like movies, the zips are HUGE. So I have gotten people complaining about not only the fact that stuff is too big, but password protected and more. It is also really difficult for me to upload that much info to a hosting service without having to pay for it. I don't want to have to pay for third party sites and I certianly don't want people to have to pay to have to download zips. That seems a bit ridiculous.

And finally, there's always the matter of my hard drive backing up. I can only keep caps on my hard drive for so long. I've had people ask for zip from a while back and that is usually a main reason as to why I cannot provide zips.

So in conclusion, it's not that I don't want to provide zips to you guys. I cap for people to have resources. I enjoy helping people out with their fandom stuff and these caps are a good source. But it's very difficult to please every single person out there and when the majority of zips I have provided are not being utilized or are being stolen, it is all the more discouragising. I hope you can understand this.

Please feel free to comment, although do not leave nasty little remarks or you will simply be deleted because that is completely unnecessary.

Thank you.
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