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28 May 2011 @ 11:24 pm
239,952 X-Files COMPLETE Series DVD Screencaps (Various Sizes)  
X-Files COMPLETE Series DVD Screencaps
Various Sizes (various episodes were shot in different formats)
239,952 Caps
See them HERE...

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Christina: xfiles mulder and scullysunlitdays on May 29th, 2011 05:42 pm (UTC)
Thank you! It's so hard to find good caps of this show!
noobianrose: X-Files Lone Gunmannoobianrose on May 30th, 2011 08:17 pm (UTC)
Amazing. Thank you so much for all this hard work! :)
i guess there's no hug buttondarelose on December 29th, 2013 09:03 pm (UTC)
Thank you for these! I was so happy to find them!